Magic of the Future -- A Practical Guide
Free Course in Six Lessons - Introduction - Lesson 3-alternative
Karl Hans Welz, inventor of the Chi Generator®, Orgonite®, etc.
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Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented accumulators of life force, devices that accumulated life force from its surroundings.  Masemer called this energy "animal magnetism," Reich called it "orgone."  In 1991, I invented the generator of life force (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®) the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.  One year later I invented a very effective material that accumulates life force (chi, orgone, prana, mana), and I called this material orgonite®.
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Lesson I
Introduction to Magick:
Magick in human history
Common Functioning Principle in Magick
Magick free from Traditions
What is Magick?
Six case scenarios of magickal operations
Action at a Distance in Magick
Structural Links
Structural Links in the 6 case scenarios
The Target Link in Magick
The Trend Link in Magick
Psychic Power in Magick
Psychic Energy (life force) in the 6 case scenarios
No life without Magick
The Orgone (Life Force) Generator in Magick
The Definition of Magick
Magick is Action at a Distance upon a Target
Perform any kind of Magick!

Lesson III
Structural Links in Magick
animism in magick
a magickal miracle cross
Equivalent and Near-Identical
Structural Links in Magick
the 6 magickal case scenarios
the "true name" - an equivalent SL
magickal alphabets and sigils
Structural Links and Distance
magickal hyperspaces
Magickal Experiments with SL
experiment with the Magick Wand
experiment with the Orgone Generator
Magickal Radionics Experiments
Laws of Structural Links
basic principle of magickal transfer
magickal symbolisms

Lesson V
Magickal Protection
the Magickal Circle
the Magickal Triangle
Control Magickal Energies
control Magickal Entities
the Magickal Mirror
Magickal Control
magickal evocative circles
Methods of magickally dismissing
Magickal Threats
Psychic Interference with your Magickal Operation:
weak Life Force
incorrect Structural Links
lack of control of magickal energies
protection of the target
other psychic interferences

Lesson II
Life Force, Miracles, and Magick
Negative Entropy and Magick
Life Force, the Mind, and Magick
Build a Magick Wand
Learn to see Life Force:
a good practice for Magick
Learn to feel Life Force
Learn to direct Life Force
essential for Magick!
Direct Life Force into your body
Charge Magickal Objects with Life Force
Project Life Force into others
Generate Life force for Magick
Animal Magnetism and Magick
The Orgone Generator in Magick
Basic Laws of Life Force

Lesson IV
Equivalent Structures and HOE
animistic approach in Magick
Mappings in Magick
Four Magickal Elements
The Material Plane in Magick
The Astral Plane in Magick
The Mental Plane in Magick
The Causal Plane in Magick
The Importance of the Planes in Magick
Astrology and Magick
Magickal Squares of the Planets
The Tarot and Magick
List of Equivalent Structural Likns
Magickal Words of Power
Magickal Mantras
Magickal Sigils
Magickal Object in the Environment
Magickal Dances
Magickal Paraphernalia
Magickal Technology
Magickal Alphabets
Sets of Equivalent Structures

Lesson VI
Practical Magick: Examples
Make a Magickal Talisman:
magickal squares
The Magickal Realms
energetic magickal realm
outer magickal realm
realm of magickal energies
Cast a Magickal Spell
Magickal Clearing


Lesson Three - Alternative

Structural Links

A radionics expert once stated that radionics is part of ceremonial magic. He considers the tuner a solidified thought form and the rates representing agreements with the subtle nature spirits.

I can agree with such an animistic approach. In the old times, people thought of lightning being a "god." In fact, they considered practically all natural phenomena, even the planetary energies, as being anthropomorphic gods, i.e., gods that look somewhat like humans. Still in our days most people have a concept of a gaseous mammal above the clouds, usually bearded and of the male sex who "made it all" with "his" hands.
Divine magick in the sky

At some point in human history, natural scientists began to develop models that were less anthropomorphic on the one hand and naturally more useful on the other. From such expansion of scientific concepts, they developed new technologies.

Some people may be quite correct if they say that cars are gods that transport us; provided that we appease them with some liquid called gasoline and that we know how to touch them correctly.

It is okay. for humans to satisfy themselves with an animistic approach. With this approach, they are able to use some techniques of magic and radionics if they the “correct tradition" (which means religious tradition) that tells them how to do what.

We have another, more useful, option. We can begin to analyze magical and radionic procedures in scientific terms. That's exactly what we have begun to do in the previous lessons. Naturally, we will find soon that a structural approach has more potential than the old animistic model could ever offer. Such approach will prove to be more useful in many respects. Above all, it will lead us to an understanding of magic and radionics that can easily rid us from the straitjacket of stale traditions. At the same time it will allow vibrant creativity to expand our magical powers to levels that traditionalists are incapable of conceiving.

Practice #19: A cattle prodder

With the following experiment, I am making a point or two. Some people felt upset about me ridiculing certain practices. I suggest to those folks to convince their priests (or whomever) not to ridicule all that has value for me. Then we may talk again. Above all, no one who does not want to do so is required to perform the following experiment!

First, let's fantasize ourselves into an imaginary journey: Imagine yourself traveling to a tribal society somewhere in New Guinea. It needs to be a tribal society that has never heard about civilization as we know it. Among your equipment, you have a cattle prodder that causes electric shocks. Since you know some of the religious beliefs of that society you make some image at the right time (the sacred time of the year) and in a traditional shape. Then you connect this image with your cattle prodder. Chances are that with such a contraption you can convince these people of your divine nature or of your spiritual connection with their sky of gods. It all works because of several reasons: First of all, those good folks have no idea of electricity, but they certainly can feel the shocks. They may think that the shock they get is the power of their gods. Another important facet of your experience is that you adjusted to the existing belief structure. If you did not do it, they would. That could be quite risky since electric shocks are somewhat painful and the connection with a demonic force is always an easy-to-do assumption.

As far as the feeling of life energy is concerned, most of America and Europe compare well to the jungles of New Guinea. Few people know that life force exists. Still less know that they can feel life force. The majority of people deny the very existence of life energy. When selling my Orgone generators I let people feel the energy. This made me realize that about 90% of the people feel life force whether they believe in it or not.

All of this naturally is a fertile ground four our cattle prodder experiment. All you need to do is adjust somewhat to the existing mainstream religion.

magical cross

I did the experiment in the following way. In a Christian bookstore, I bought a cross that measured about 6 inches in length (the funny thing was that it was made in Communist China. When it comes to money some of these commercially adept folks obviously live deal with the devil!). I drilled a 1/4 inch hole from the top to the center. Then I took a small jewelry type crystal and broke it in two. One half of it I inserted into the hole. I stuffed some paper on top of it to hold it in place. Then I plugged the hole with wood filler the same color as the cross. The other half of the crystal I put on the well of an operating Chi Generator. Now the cattle prodder was in operation and ready for use.

What I did next is having my Christian acquaintances feel it. I made a few commentaries about the power of their God coming from the cross.

Most people feel the life energy when they hold the palm of their hands about one inch above the center of the cross. When they feel this energy under the appropriate circumstances, they are quite logically induced to think that it truly is the power of their God that emanates from the cross. When they feel a slight breeze rather than warmth, I like to continue with the fun by referring to the passage in the Old Testament that mentions how King David felt the presence of God as a gentle breeze. A cattle prodder like this will sure provide you with a lot of fun. Perhaps you may even become inclined to organize a church.

Why does this cattle prodder work? The answer lies in the crystal. The two parts of the crystal form an excellent structural link. The obvious linkage consists of the breaking surfaces that are very similar. A second linkage may be the subtle structure of the crystal itself: intricacies of the crystal grid that are the same throughout the original crystal. It is identical in the two parts. From the previous lesson, you know that the person who holds the palm of the hand above the center of the cross will draw life energy from the Chi generator where the second half of the crystal serves as a structural link. The near identical structures of the two crystal parts make the transfer from Chi generator to cross possible. Instead of the crystal, you may work with a scribble or any other graphic design that you copy twice. Put one of the copies inside the cross and the other copy into the Welz Chi generator. Then have fun with your friendly neighborhood fundamentalists! If this is not your idea of having fun, feel free to skip this practice!

Equivalent and Near-Identical Structural Link

In the first lesson, you have become familiar with the idea of structural links. In these examples, we have
(1) structural links that connect with the target, and
(2) structural links that represented the desired action.

Historically speaking, it was direct evidence from which people developed their methods of action at a distance. When a specific method was used and the bulk of events that followed matched the expectations that were connected with the method, then, following the characteristic of the human mind to generalize, the same method was thought to be effective most of the time. The generalization used in most of these instances, however, also included unnecessary elements that were part of these methods. Think about what I said in the first lesson about the Lord’s prayers before starting a car! Therefore, it is important that we find out what parts such methods are essential and which ones are not. One way to do so is to compare various methods and develop common functioning principles that are essential to all these actions at a distance.

Then we have to use these CFP’s and perform experiments based on them. This will help you gain an understanding of structural links and develop the most appropriate methods to establish such links. Furthermore, we can expand our concepts of structural links based on such experimentation.

The fact that life force transfers via structural links, naturally leads to an expansion of our concepts of space. The visual space is the space that provides us with our immediate needs and interaction: food, clothing, relations, etc. The life energy space provides us with an easing of our immediate needs and an expansion of our communicative abilities by means of action that employs life energy. It is “magical” action upon an environment, of which we created a new and more useful map.

Now, you will perform a few experiments with structural links. From these experiments, we can develop a sound understanding of the concept and resulting methods. These experiments are very important for the following reason: Understanding of identical structures as linkage for life force is relatively easy. On the other hand, equivalent structures that are based on abstractions (for instance of the human mind) requires an explanation that is more involved plus the corresponding experiments.

It will be good now to go through the practices in lesson 2 to explain the workings of life energy and how the magician can use it. From an understanding of these practices we will then be able to work out new magical technologies.

Practices #1 and #2: The structural transfer may be ignored. Life energy seems to have a capability to stay connected for a while.

Practice #3: Life energy flow follows mental commands. Later we will learn that life energy may take on a shape that you "tell it" to take. In a strong field of life energy you can photograph this shape with any camera such as a Polaroid camera. You may expand the exercise by commanding the energy bridge to form an arch rather than a straight line.

The fact that you can mentally direct life energy is obvious in cases #4 and #6 of lesson #1. This capability is possible because life energy transfers through equivalent structural links. The near identical structure is typically of the same material. The equivalent structure is of other material. Clothing that is used in some magical operations to influence people represents a near identical structure, because it contains skin rubbings of the person. A photo on the other hand is an equivalent structure. There are ways of making very effective equivalent structures that are not as obvious as photos. Radionic rates are a good example. So are specific sigils that you can create to connect with a person or with a specific action.

Practices #5 through 14 are all transfers by way of equivalent structures.

Sometimes magicians use the word "symbolic representation" when talking about equivalent structure. With this they mean something that represents persons, groups, events, or specific magical energies or entities.

An old assumption of magicians is the following: If you have the true name of something (such as a spirit), then you have control over it. As a consequence of this hypothesis many magicians have developed mantras of power, i.e., phonetic expressions, that connect with specific entities of with specific action. Experience has taught magicians how they should call specific energies (entities) to action. A mantra, or "true name," of course, is an equivalent structure.

Equivalent structures may vary depending on the circumstances, the cultural background, the magical system and the specific symbolism or design system used. The most frequent bases of equivalent structures are graphical outlines (sigils), sounds (mantras and, of recent, sound pitches), dance forms, special mixtures of incenses, dolls, astrological chart representations, radionics devices, and symbolism such as Runes and the Tarot. In this previous description of equivalent structures we have recognized another important factor: The matrix of the equivalent structure. This matrix is any structure (such as a set of symbols as in the Tarot) that the magician may arrange to establish a structural link.

Many of these matrices are "artificial" ones. That means that humans established them according to their belief systems. Although such matrices are excellent, they are not an absolute need for magic in general.

The zodiac is a good example for a natural matrix. Its settings (planetary positions) at a specific time determine the characteristics of a human being that is born under these settings. In a more generalized effect, astrological positions establish a field of connections with energies of a higher order. This energy field establishes the trends that influence the action of everything in its realm. We will come back to this later and we will show how we can generate our own astrological trends with relative ease, especially when we use a Welz generator for this purpose.

The connection of equivalent structures with the target or with an energy of a higher order (spirit, entity, etc.) results sometimes in part from the functioning of our brains. This is especially true when we use letters of the alphabet or numbers as elements of such an equivalent structure. Our mind recognizes some object as a general matrix for an equivalent structure (a "universe") and then establishes the specific setting of the matrix that ensures contact with the target.

From a technological point of view, we have available a wide spectrum of equivalent structures that range from pure visualization or imagining (mental images) over the making of sigils, the use of natural structural links such as incenses, oils and herbs, all the way to the near identical structural links.

The radionic device is an excellent example of a system of equivalent structures that are totally arbitrary. But then again some of the symbolism, alphabets, sound systems, etc., are arbitrary bases as well.

It seems that if, with our minds, we decide that something represents the universe - or that we declare something as symbolizing the universe (or the totality of our environment), then we can devise partial systems of it that represent the elements of this universe. For instance if we decide that the radionic box represents the human body, then we can determine a system of settings (the radionics term for setting is rate) that represent the various parts and sub systems of the body.

Equivalent structures are the result of conventions. The capability of our minds to generate psychic linkage may be at the root of the functioning of equivalent structures. On the other hand we can get a good linkage with a near identical structure (such as a hair) and then develop a system of equivalent structures (rates) for the body from which the hair is coming and its specific systems. If we do not have the linkage of the hair, then the setting for the liver may also bring in zodiacal energies that correlate to the liver (Jupiter energies in this case).

Diosctance is the Result of Structural Differences

When we say that distance is a result of structural differences we need to include both, similar and equivalent structures. The more similar the structure, the closer are the objects as far as the transfer of life energy is concerned.

The living being establishes distance by means of its shifting structural linkages. Therefore the living being practices magic at all times.

From the structural concepts that we have established above follows that closeness is not only within the three dimensional space that we see and in which we move. Quite often we are too involved with this habitual concept of space while completely ignoring the "magical closeness" that life energy opens up for us. We may only become painfully aware of the powerful consequences of such "closeness from outside our three dimensional space" at times when we are the victim of a spell that someone has cast from thousands of miles away. Even then we are more inclined to think in terms of the "miraculous" rather than accepting the obvious. This compares to the zoologist who admires the "capability of a butterfly to smell a female that is several miles away and to find his way there." To smell means to pick up traces of chemicals. Directional smelling is even more difficult, especially when there is nothing to smell! A high school kid can calculate the amount of molecules of the female's scent in the air some five miles away to prove that the academic zoologist's statement is absolute nonsense! Why not accept that there is something different from "smell" and "normal sensory perception" out there? Structural linkage that bridges visual space is a very valid concept that explains a lot of things easily. .

the magic of butterflys

Identical Structures

Practice #20: Transfer using identical structures with the help of the orgone wand.

magical symbol design

Make two photocopies of the design above. Then you make this design unique. You do this by crossing out between three and five of the little squares around the diagram. Cross out the same squares around the second diagram. Take one of the two diagrams. Project energy into this drawing. Do this first with your hand, then with the orgone accumulating wand. Have your partner feel the energy flowing from the other diagram by holding the palm of the hand about one inch above it. Ideally have the other diagram in another room.

When practicing by yourself, put one end of the wand on one symbol. Then test other symbol with the center of your palm.

Practice #21: Transfer with Welz Chi Generator
Instead of the wand, put the output pipe of a Welz Chi Generator next to one of the two diagrams. Test the other diagram for output.

Call (770) 924 0223 for a free test, if you do not have a Welz Chi Generator! Put one of the two diagrams onto the transfer object. Test the other diagram with your hand.

Slightly Different Designs

Practice #22: Use of diagrams that are slightly different
Make a third copy of the diagram. Cross the same squares as on the two that you are already using with the exception of one. Make the cross on another square instead.

Then perform the same tests as in #20 and #21. You will not notice any difference in transfer. However, if you set up both structural links, i.e., the one identical to the original and the one that is different, and have someone else test the exact one at the same time, the energy will follow the line of least resistance, i.e., it will transfer through the identical link. In this case, it is important that both persons who conduct the experiment have a similar energetic potential.


From this experiment, we learned that some similarity is sufficient.
On the other hand, if there is a “choice” (provided that there is a similarly strong difference in potential), similarity is the deciding factor for transfer. Therefore, the more similar the two parts of the structural linkage, the better the “conductivity” for life force.

Practice #23: Make one more difference, then check again. Perhaps work with three persons at the same time. For more involved experiments, persons with different energy levels can be very revealing!

Life force with its negative entropy naturally “searches out” structural links with more similarity over such with less similarity. This compares to energies that follow the law of entropy, which transfer easier through better conductors.

Negative entropy and structural linkage together lead to the theorem that, for life force, distance defined by structural differences.

Life force also follows the stronger potential first. Therefore both, structural differences and differences in potential are of importance when we want to determine the main direction of transfer and potential sequences of transfer. It is too difficult here for the student to work with several persons of different energy levels and one source of energy. We have conducted the appropriate experiments, of course. Persons with stronger potential and better structural linkage will draw first until they are “saturated”, after which other persons begin with the main pull of energy.

Structure, in this context, takes many aspects. It obviously refers to shape. It also refers to connection by means of shape. In the human brain, this would be abstraction.

As we perceive something, we actually perceive as a consequence of our ability to abstract and to generalize. For more insights, I recommend Alfred Korzibsky’s book “Science and Sanity, and introduction to non-Aristotelian systems and general semantics”.

With its power to abstract, our brain generates structures as abstractions of actual objects, actions, phenomena, etc. that are not identical to what they represent, of course. However, these abstractions have similarity with what they represent.

Designs as abstractions used as structural links

Practice #24: Draw a diagram with the thought that it should project and put it in front of the generator. Then draw a diagram that is different from the projecting one with the thought in mind that it connects with the projecting diagram as a receiving one. Put it at a distance from the generator and test for transfer.

Practice #25: Select an object to which the energy should be projected. Make a simple drawing of this object and put it in front of the generator. Check for transfer.

Practice #26: Again, select an object to which you intend to project life force. Now, instead of a drawing of the object, with a few lines or a scribble design an arbitrary symbol, of which you think that it represents this object. Again, put it in front of the output pipe of the generator and check for transfer.

Descriptions as structural links

Practice #27: Again, select an object to which you intend to project life force. Now, instead of making a symbol, make a brief description of the object on a piece of paper. Put this piece of paper in front of the output pipe of the generator and check for transfer.

Mantras as structural links

Practice #28: Invent a “mantra” or “magical word” that you mentally decide as being a representative of the transfer of energy from the output pipe to the selected object. While chanting the “mantra” or saying the “magickal word”, check the object for transfer.

With the preceding practices, you successively proceeded from similar structures (which the drawing still may be) to an abstraction that you “freeze” into a symbol or into a mantra.

Mental abstractions as structural links

Practice #29: Again, select an object. Mentally connect the output pipe of the Chi generator with that object. Test for transfer.

Mentally “charge” an arbitrary object to be a structural link to another object -- an object as an abstraction -- the talisman-effect

Practice #30: Select an object to receive energy. Select another small object. Mentally project into the second object that it is a “representative” or “witness” of the first one, thus “structurally connected”. Then put the second object in front of your Chi generator. Check the first object for energy transfer.

In the last practice, your mind created the structural connection between the two objects. Again, you connected objects structurally with your capability to abstract, because of the process of abstraction, the desired action of transfer and the mental connection with the two objects happened within the same space-time interval.

These previous practices show how easy action at a distance can be established and that any such action that some call “magick” is based in very simple characteristics of life force.

The setting (“rate”) of a radionics device is a similar “frozen abstraction” or “symbol” as the various methods in the practices above.

From the above it is also easy to recognize that any system of symbols has its basis in subjective settings! Such settings can be entirely arbitrary! This means that, if you invent a system of symbols that refer to specific actions, your system has as much legitimacy as any grimoire, channeled inspiration, and what not. Chaos magicians knew of that, based on their experiences.

Life Force Modulation with Frequencies

The orgone generator develops pulsed orgone. Very effective are low frequencies. The results are the same ones as when light and sound devices are used. More about that you find in the descriptions of the Welz Chi Generators. Here you simply perform a couple of experiments:

Actual frequencies with known effects

Practice #31: You can either use an LPOG or e-mail us and ask for an orgone energy transfer. Set the LPOG at the lowest level: this is 0.5 Hz. Make a transfer symbol for yourself or write your name on a piece of paper (ideally a signature), knowing that this establishes a structural link back to you. Put the symbol or signature in front of the generator. Then go into a state of rest, ideally closing your eyes, and remain in this state for about 15 minutes.
Wait for at least one hour. Then set the LPOG at 14.1 Hz and do the same thing. Notice the differences. Some people actually can feel the low pulses of orgone as they come.

Effects of abstractions (such as symbols) of actual frequencies

Practice #32: Set the frequency at any rate, perhaps 7.83 (Earth Frequency or Schumann Resonance). Then make one symbol for 0.5 Hz (calm) and another one for 14.1 Hz (activity). You may also write the frequency and its effect on a piece of paper. Put these symbols (or the pieces of paper with the descriptions) in front of the output pipe of the Chi Generator. Put the link to yourself or, ideally, another person (who does not know what frequency you are using) in front of the frequency symbol. Test again by going into a state of rest (of course the person to whom you send the frequency).

This was the first time that you used a symbol for a simple action, or a trend. In principle, a trend, or inclination towards an action, is like an object. With a structural link, you can connect to any such trend, or inclination towards an action

Setting up an object to represent a trend – the talisman effect

Practice #33: : Set the frequency at any rate, perhaps 7.83 (Earth Frequency or Schumann Resonance). Then take any small object and mentally decide that this object represents 0.5 Hz (calming effect). Take another small object and mentally decide that it represents 14.1 Hz (trend of activity). Put these symbols, first one, then the other one, in front of the output pipe of the Chi Generator. Put the link to yourself or, ideally, to another person (who does not know what frequency you are using) in front of the frequency symbol. Test again by going into a state of rest (or tell the target person to whom you send the frequency to do so).

What you have done in this experiment was the “charging” of an object with a specific trend. In traditional magick, this is the process (the functional principle) of making a talisman. A talisman in traditional magick is any object that is prepared to have a specific effect upon the carrier or upon the location where it is deposited. Typically, the magician who makes a talisman follows specific rules for making it, chooses the appropriate times and inscribes symbols on it that represent the desired action. These rules follow the specific “metaphysics” (belief structures) of the magical-religious system of which the magician is part as do the symbols used for that purpose.

The above experiments nicely prove the claims of chaos magicians, namely that you can design any arbitrary symbol or system of symbols and that the effects of these individually established symbols and/or symbolisms are qualitatively the same ones as can be achieved with any traditional method. The chaos magician makes use of the CPF (common functional principle) of all magickal systems, therefore is independent of (sometimes outworn) magickal traditions. The advantage of traditions, on the other hand, is the fact that many people have been using the same symbols for the same effects for long periods of time. The result was a “fixation” or “charging up” of these symbols with their specific assigned trends so that their use was easier. An old magickal principle said that repeated use of a magickal utensil or symbol will attach the appropriate energies to it. When the magician uses such a utensil or symbol, he or she needs not use any energy to develop its attached trend; he or she can use the energy thus saved for specific demands of the magickal operation.

The typical structural connection between an inclination to an action and a target person looks as follows:

how magic works

Life force connects with both, trend and target, on the center of operation. Such a center is a radionics device, magical altar, or your imagination.

The disadvantage of using the imagination alone lies in the characteristic of our mind to wander around. Otherwise, our capability to abstract would be an ideal tool for action at a distance. Still, whenever done with massive life force and for an extended period of time, such as the prayer for health in a charismatic church, as described in our example #6 in the first lesson, it can be very effective. If such extended periods are impractical, then we can use symbols or “specifically prepared objects” (such as talismans) selected to “freeze” the abstractions. That is the situation when a symbol comes in, or a radionic setting. Another method would be to have part(s) of your mind keep the connection(s) or structural link(s), and put it into the non-conscious. You will learn more about that technique later.

About thought forms as “living” abstractions

To this point, we have worked with “simple” trends, i.e., actions that were straightforward such as calm and activity. In fact, we have used frequencies with known effects. Then we have worked with abstractions (symbols) of these effects and with objects to which we attached the ideas of these effects.

Similar straightforward actions are aggression, joy, optimism, precision, etc. These “simple” actions always adjust to the respective situation in which the person is who uses these trends. Therefore, when for instance you choose activity, this activity will express itself depending on the situation in which you are while projecting this trend to yourself. You made the experiments with activity in a state of rest, where you simply experienced the effect of that trend as a body feeling.

Practice #34: First project the frequency of 14.1Hz to yourself for several hours, then do the same thing with the frequency of 0.5Hz, perhaps on the following day during the same hours. Compare.

With this experiment, you experienced specific general trends during your normal everyday activities.

Practice #35: Using the methods of linkage that you learned above, project from your Chi generator to yourself the frequency of 7.83Hz, while practicing an activity that requires precision (perhaps golf or target practice). The frequency of 5.9Hz is slightly better for that purpose.

Practice #36: Use an object representing that frequency for the same activities. Set the Chi generator at another frequency.

These two trends are of a general nature. They have different results or effects in different situations. Traditional magicians combined several of these trends when they custom tailored talismans for the needs of their clients. The symbols, objects, metals, herbs, etc., used when they make such talismans are symbolic representations of specific trends, or, as you have learned above, solidified abstractions of the trends that they represent.

The next step to make a trend-energy more effective is to attach the capability of following subtle cybernetics towards an envisioned goal. Typically, the thinking of most magicians is animistic. Therefore they understand this process as either creating a “familiar”, having a “familiar” assigned to them or of calling some helper of a “spiritual hierarchy” and telling him or her to do the specified work. More modern magicians use the terms “thought form”, “egregor” and “psychogon” (from Greek: “created by the psyche”) when referring to this type of independently acting trend energy. In the following, I am going to use the more modern term “thought form” for this more complex trend energy.

In fact, in this light many “deities”, “gods”, and other members of “spiritual hierarchies”, appear as collective thought forms, i.e., thought forms that are valid for a group of people, in some cases for huge populations. Piobb, a French magician, once stated that magicians use the method of mythology in order to speak of that which is abstract. Seen in the light of what you have just experienced with the previous experiments, the term “abstract” certainly is appropriate. It is also entirely up to the reader to decide, up to what height of “spirituality” of assumed or perceived “divine beings” he or she uses the term “collective thought form”. After all, the animistic view is a valid mapping of perceived reality, or abstractions. We simply have to be aware of the fact that there are as many mappings, i.e., as many methods of mentally organizing reality with the help of abstractions, as there are perceiving organisms and collectively interacting perceiving organisms.

Simple trends may be well-defined such as optimism or open-ended such as a trend to search out specific lines of action that lead to a desired event. In principle, a thought form is a combination of trends with a complexity larger than that of a single trend. As such, it takes often the character of an independently acting being, especially if the characteristic of personification is added, either purposely or by implication. You can define such a combination of trends by combining their abstractions: symbols, radionic rates, mantras, frequencies, etc., or combinations of these factors. Alternatively, you may describe the characteristics of a complex thought form and establish for it a corresponding symbol, frequency, radionic setting (radionic rate) and the like. This latter process typically happened and still happens when “spiritual hierarchies” emerge resulting from work (often combined with existing belief structures or religion-based creeds) of magicians, groups of magicians, or religious groups.

Therefore, we distinguish, in ascending order, between single trends energies, complex trend energies (perceived as spirits or divine beings), and religious and/or magickal hierarchies (symbolisms based on ordered systems of abstractions).

Methods of creating a psychogon and putting it to work

Practice #37:
1. Definitions
1.1. Define a goal that you desire.
1.2. Define a main activity that leads to the goal.
1.3. Define flexible action leading to this goal.
2. Develop individual structural links
2.1. Symbols
2.1.1. Develop a symbol representing the desired goal. You may make use of an existing symbol.
2.1.2. Develop a symbol that represents the main activity leading to the goal. Again, you may use an existing symbol from a magickal symbolism such as an abramelin square (see appendix for an example).
2.1.3. Develop a symbol that represents flexibility of action and goal-oriented adaptation to circumstances as they evolve. You may use a symbol belonging to a magickal hierarchy such as an “angel”, “deva”, “genius”, or other entity that fits that activity. Usually an “entity” like that belongs to an established magickal or religious “hierarchy”.
2.2. Objects (talismans)
2.2.1. Select an object and attach to it the idea of the desired goal.
2.2.2. Select an object and attach to it the idea of the main activity leading to the goal.
2.2.3. Select an object and attach to it the idea of flexibility of action and goal-oriented adaptation to circumstances as they evolve.
2.3. ´Mantras
2.3.1. Choose a mantra (arbitrarily) that represents the idea of the desired goal.
2.3.2. Choose a mantra (arbitrarily) that represents the idea of the main activity leading to the goal.
2.3.3. Choose a mantra (arbitrarily) that represents the idea of flexibility of action and goal-oriented adaptation to circumstances as they evolve.
2.4. Other structural links
Use frequencies, incenses, and other systems representing structural links – or use combinations.
3. Develop combinations of trends into thought forms
Take the symbols that you either have developed or found and combine them. You can use several methods of combining them:
3.1. Symbols
3.1.1. you can draw all symbols on the same piece of paper
3.1.2. you can take separate symbols and put them next to each other -- the advantage of this procedure is that you can separately re-use these symbols in new combinations
3.1.3. you can make a new symbol representing the combination
3.2. Objects (or other structural links)
3.2.1. you can attach each energy form to a separate object and then put these objects next to each other – the advantage of this procedure is that you can separately re-use these objects in new combinations.
3.2.2. you can attach all energy forms to the same object
3.2.3. … (your creativity will lead you to other methods)
4. Connect the thought form with the target
After that, make a setup in front of your Chi generator that connects the energies of the thought form that you created with the target of your operation: you or any other person.


Talisman with attached psychogon

Practice #38: You can use the combined symbols on paper (3.1.3. in the previous practice) or the combination object (3.2.2.) as a talisman. Attach to it the idea that the thought form operates as long as the talisman is worn and that it attracts additional life force to stay active. Then make an initial charge of the the talisman (actually the thought form) with life energy. You can do this by putting it next to a Welz Chi generator or by charging it with your own energies.

Practice #39: Study the course of talismans (free on the Internet under and analyze it in the light of what you have learned to this point. This course has been written as an introduction into traditional methods of making talismans, including traditional hierarchies of energies!

Creating a magickal hierarchy

About existing magickal or metaphysical hierarchies

Most magickal systems, or schools of thought, are based on specific layouts, or mappings, of the energies with which their followers are working. Quite often such systems have their roots in religious creeds. Some of them have their basis even in creeds that, by themselves, are not necessarily magickal or creeds whose followers despise magick to the point of killing magicians.

The reason for such confusion lies, of course, in the inherently magickal characteristics of practically all religions. This means that there is no religion that would not have CFP’s with magick. When you followed this course up to now, it will be easy for you to understand why. I want to refrain from analyzing religion here, but I have to point out the religion-based background of many magickal schools.

Since its origin at the dawn of humanity, religious thinking attempted to make sense of the experiences of humans, to organize them and to develop systems based on which action at a distance was possible. Naturally, the animistic world view emerged, in which most phenomena that humans observed – or of which they established abstractions – were considered to be animated, i.e., living entities just like humans themselves. Such thinking made perfectly sense, if we consider the evidence that these humans had combined with their total lack of scientific thinking.

This led much later to the statement that “the ancients used the mythological method to describe that which is abstract, metaphysical, psychological, etc.”

Naturally, the specific structures of such mappings result from the way humans perceive their surroundings at the time of origin, which perception itself results from the socio-economic characteristics and linguistic structures of the group of humans where such a mapping originates. Conversely, when ruling cliques want to change the socio-economic circumstances (methods of socio-economic suppression) in their favor, quite often they modify the religious mapping (mythologies) so that they can speed up those processes. Priesthoods, therefore, become an important factor in keeping the political coherence of a civilization and in causing change of such structures.

Once the mythological method establishes an explanation of the world, or a mapping, an energetic hierarchy naturally emerges. Typically, an invisible world was populated with gods, devas, saints, good and evil spirits, etc., each of which had its specific position in relation to the whole. Because of the potential of action at a distance, i.e., influence upon the environment, with the help of such hierarchies, the mappings of which these hierarchies were part have been valid methods. Because such methods of influencing the environment (action at a distance) had clear results more often than not, followers of such religions considered their mapping, or religious creed, to be the only valid one. Moreover, the respective priesthoods reinforced such beliefs, because they had a vested interest in keeping their flocks. If not possible in other ways, such reinforcement was often backed by brute force.

The diversity of workable mythologies, of course, is a good example of the fact that it is not the specific content of a mythology, or mapping of the world, that counts, but the processes or methods to which such mappings give access. In fact, we can establish infinite many valid mappings, or mythologies, for the same social structure and environment of a civilization. Objectivity, as it is understood in this context, appears then as a subjectivity of a people, or at least of a larger group of interacting humans. Tolerance then means that there are as many objective realities as there are perceiving organisms, groups, and peoples.

Any mythological hierarchy can be regarded as a system of ordered descriptions of energy fields. The history of the gods, their supposed historical actions and ongoing activities are descriptions of that which is possible with those energies, or that which a worshipper can expect who asks for the help of a specific divine being.

Magickal hierarchies have evolved with the establishment of magickal groups, or secret lodges. Typically, such hierarchies reflected the structures of the religious hierarchies that were prevailing in the civilizations where such magickal hierarchies have been developed. Later such hierarchies appeared in magickal books and grimoires. Whenever enough people used such a hierarchy, it eventually gained an importance similar to the various religious entities such as angels, gods, spirits, etc. This means that these new magickal hierarchies became an ordered system of thought forms not unlike the religious system that was at its base.

Old hierarchies:
I Ching, astrology, various mythologies.

Medieval hierarchies – after invention of the printing press:
Cabbala, Lemegeton, Goetia, Key of Solomon (see, Faust entities, Abramelin squares, many other grimoires.

More modern examples:
Franz Bardon’s system, the Armanen Runes (, the Infernal Tarot (an experimental hierarchy that reached “critical mass” within a couple of weeks – and a bunch of “true believers” – see, the Necronomicon (this supposedly “Sumerian” book contains Chaldean, Greek, Hebrew, even Latin words, all languages that came to exist long after the end of the Sumerian culture!)

Creating a religious mapping and hierarchy

Practice #40

The following practice is very involved. You may skip it, of course.  Perhaps you should skip it - or just follow it mentally!

1. Create a mythology – perhaps decide for a religious system(s) whose energies and structures you use as a basis for a new mythology. Using existing principles is an advantage, because you can build upon energies that are in use by a large part of the population. Consequently, this new mythology is boosted by a larger crowd of people who readily accept the new ideas. Study the works of John Campbell. Create history that “leads up” to the new faith!
2. Decide for main purposes and rules. Again, the structures of existing systems are of help. Most religious systems are using sexual repression of one form or another. Any traditional farmer knew that impotent steers are easier to handle as willing draft animals than bulls. Remember the law of historical function: the religious system that best reflects the mechanisms of socio-economic methods of repression within a group of humans, subculture, or nation, will carry the victory as a mainstream religion for that group. Conversely, a religious system in power will define and try to maintain the status quo of such a group.
3. Now it’s time to define entities, angels, divine beings, antagonists (demons, devils), and the like. Be sure to adjust the anthropomorphic characteristics and appearances of these beings accordingly: Top to bottom, as in a wolf pack!
4. Make an ordered system into which you fit these invisible playmates. Provide proof of their existence. Some folks are totally happy with a statement that these entities have been “channeled” – you should know enough by now to be capable of providing proof to just any person who grew up brainwashed into infantilism by some religious creed or another.
5. Power up the entities and system. This will assure that they become living entities, or thought forms, that are perceived by believers. Be sure to include mechanisms into your system that defines the “borders” as to how far creative believers will go in their “new” religious experiences. If the boarders are not tight enough, you run the risk of offshoots emerging.
6. You may include a function that says “If you leave us after you joined, it would have been better if you never had seen the Light!” Experience showed that such a thought form can be devastating for individuals that dare to leave. Moreover, it gains more power with each successful strike!
7. Publish the stuff and market it. If you did a good job, “critical mass” will be reached very fast! Then simply wait for an increase of the power of the defined entities. These thought forms can be a lot more powerful than simple “familiars”! In addition to that, history has proven that there are many rewards for adjusting to the free market philosophy of demand and supply, of creating demands and supply, etc.

Your only difference to most historical founders of religions is that by now you have a good idea of the principles involved, while most historical – and more recent - founders of cults and religions believed in the stuff they created, channeled, and what not; some even died for it!

The previous example was designed to show, perhaps experience, the CFP (Common Functional Principles) inherent in all religions. In fact, whenever you put a bunch of humans together, such principles come into play. It’s part of our interaction with the environment, part of our being humans. Even brainwashing, brute force and banning of assembly other than for purposes of main stream religion could never entirely block religious experience of the kind that was “undesirable” for the religion in power!

Cult indoctrination acts as a collective thought form!

Creating a personal mythology for success

Practice #41
1. Check success strategies (see manual). go into Part V, Chapter 3
2. Develop goals.
3. Define a group of psychogons, or egregors: Use existing egregors or create egregors that seem entirely new. Modify existing egregors. Advantages and disadvantages of existing egregors.
4. Develop interaction between egregors, their respective functions. This can be a personal mythology.
5. Make a diagrammed representation of the structure of the personal mythology for success.
6. Create the psychogons/egregors, with or without tangible objects.

Creating a mythology for success to benefit a group, business, or corporation

– Hidden mythology and visible one
The sub-religion effect, the egregor of a corporation for increased functioning, workers’ positions, increased business, dynamics and creativity

Practice #42
1. Develop success strategies for the business in connection with specific goals
2. Define the human resources of the business, group them according to function. This can overlap.
3. Define groups of egregors for the resource groups.
4. Define potential “mythologies” for these resource groups. This can be an adjustment of the manual of each group, mission statements, duly set in NLP, but also agenda and functions that members of the group do not necessarily know.
5. Define processes of dynamic interaction
6. Define hierarchies of thought forms
7. Make a diagrammed representation
8. Generate the thought forms, attach to tangible objects or simply to diagrammed representation.

Practice #43 (reversal functions)

Laws of Structural Links

1 The Basic Principle of Magical Transfer and their Technological Use: Distance is a result of structural differences. This means, in other words: The flow of life energies follows similar structures. In practical application: If you have two identical designs, Chi (life energy) can flow between the two designs.

2. If you take an object that was part of a person such as hair, you can establish a bridge of energy with that person. This is so because the genetic code that you find in a hair cell is identical to the genetic code of all other cells of the body of that person. The use of hair, fingernails, blood, or similar things resulted from experience.

3. We can direct life energy with our mind. This is so because our mind can generate structures. If we visualize a person to whom we send life energy, we generate in our mind a structure that's similar to that person. This structure connects with the target person and a flow of energy to that person becomes possible.

4. Equivalent Structures: Equivalent structures are not near identical. They result from determining a well-specified frame of reference as a "universe" (mapping of interrelating abstractions) for a specific set of effects, energies, or individuals. Individual settings of this frame of reference determine to what event, effect, energy, or individual, the now modified frame of reference connects.

5. Equivalent Structures in Nature. Nature gives us a wide variety of examples of what we call equivalent structures. I each of these cases you can use one system to determine characteristics of the other. The way to determine these characteristics is the result of research into the specifics of the equivalent structure, statistical comparison, and development of models that make translation possible. Good examples are iridology (for diagnosis and to tell about characteristics of the person, even to foretell future trends), foot- and hand reflexology, ear acupuncture, and astrology. In the latter the zodiac and heavenly bodies take the aspect of a large radionics device. The astrological zodiac is a naturally occurring frame of reference. It compares to a huge radionics box that connects with everything on this planet. We can not set the "dials" of our planetary system, but we have other ways of using this radionics device of cosmic proportions. We can calculate in advance the positions of the elements of this radionics box, the planets. Then we can determine the kinds of zodiacal energies that connect with any given individual at any given time. After we determined the nature of the zodiacal energies we can interpret them as trends that are valid for the individual.

6. Artificial Equivalent Structures. There are several symbolisms and devices that humans have developed to be equivalent structures. Whenever our mind determines something to reflect a "universe," i.e., a system that we perceive as closed such as a human being, we can use it as a symbolism that we can use to represent equivalent structures. In such cases the map becomes a structural link to the territory it has the potential to describe. The tree of life is one such device. Other frames of reference are symbolisms of any kind, notably alphabets, Enochian tablets, and mythologies. The radionic device is a more recent development of a frame of reference that allows the establishing of equivalent structures. It is well known that the wiring diagram of a radionics type device establishes a structural link in the same way the radionics device itself does. If you regard this phenomenon in the light of structural links, you have no problem understanding its reason.

We can use artificial equivalent structures to connect with specific energies of a higher order (such as zodiacal energies) which we can then use to generate specific trends. If we connect such a generated trend with a structural link to a person we can influence the trends that this person experiences, i.e., we can modify the "destiny" of the person.

The nature of the cosmic frame of reference, the zodiac, gave rise to a new technology: We have developed a frame of reference that, with specific settings, can connect with the system of cosmic zodiacal energies. This allows us to generate any trend of our liking that we can then project to any target of our liking.

We can use artificial equivalent structures for readings and for practical magic.

The fact that a specific artificial equivalent structure is extremely useful and can be applied universally does not mean that this structure "is" the universe. Such nonsense compares to saying that a map is the territory it represents or that our language is the universe. The success of specific magical mappings leads quite often to such assumptions. In the cases where the impact of the mapping is on specific psychological characteristics of the human species and where it fits smoothly some of the existing mechanisms of socio-economic suppression, religions are born. (YES!! From the preceding follows that religion is a result of magical technology that was misinterpreted by primitive humans!)


Some of the artificial equivalent structures are true symbolisms while others are simply arrays of symbols. In a true symbolism the structure of the set is important. The position of each element of the symbolism in relation to all others is of significance. Where such a relation is not present, we speak of an array of symbols. Examples of true symbolisms are the tree of life, the tarot, mythologies, the entities of Bardon's spherical magical system, and the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes (the Armanen System - available from HSCTI –

Examples of arrays are the Enochian system of magic, the entities of the Lemegeton and most other grimoires, all Runic systems besides the Armanen system, and many of the "artistic" representations of the Tarot.

It is irrelevant whether you "channel" the system of artificial equivalent structures (as is the case with the Enochian system of magic) or feel it as mythology or develop it logically as in the examples above.

Most channeled artificial equivalent structures are arrays rather than true symbolisms. The process of the technological evolution of the symbolism remains the same in any of the cases, channeled and logically developed or mythological. Furthermore it is important to realize the following: that an artificial equivalent structure is comprehensive (i.e., there is nothing that you could not apply it for) does not imply that we could not establish infinite many other such systems.

Too many good metaphysicists fell into the trap of accepting some specific system as the "only truth" just because it proved to be comprehensive. A useful map is not a god! The tree of life is not the universe. A mandala is not "all there is to know."

On this place I want to remind the eager traditional magician of something important: What I said above shows clearly that the "mystery school approach" is a thing of the past, if not ridiculous. The invention of the radionics device and the individual approach of creating our own sigils and systems of equivalent structures should LONG AGO have helped us free ourselves from cumbersome "traditions" that take too smoothly the aspect of organized religion.

The two extremes on a spectrum that includes artificial and natural equivalent structures are the following: The radionics box on one end reflects total flexibility with no inherent "content" or structural linkage, when "off." The other end of the spectrum sees the genetic code. The genetic code is all structural linkage with no flexibility. The radionics box allows transfer to anything, but it takes work to adjust it. The genetic code allows transfer to the equal genetic code first and foremost. If the person who is targeted in such a way puts up a block then the transfer occurs naturally to the genetic code that is most similar. This characteristic puts some burden on a magician as far as shielding is concerned.

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